Town of Monroe

              Orange County, New York



Boat Rentals

Alex Smith Pavilion

212 Lakes Road, Monroe, New York


                             Contact:  Blanca Johnson

                                    Phone No.: 845-395-0099

Hours of Operation

After Labor Day Boathouse hours are returning to weekends only

Friday 3:00pm  -  7:30pm

Saturday & Sunday  10:00am - 7:30pm

Last Rental is 1 hour before closing

Rental Fees 

Orange pedal boat:  $6.00 per 1/2 hour,  $9.00 per hour   (2 adults/2 kids)

Blue pedal boat:  $12.00 per hour   (4 people)

Row Boats:           $9.00 per hour   (3 people)

Kayak's:                $9.00 per hour   (1 person)

Water Trike:       $15.00 per hour   (2 people)

Orange Ducky:   $15.00 per hour   (5 people)

Swan Boat:        $15.00 per hour   (5 people)